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How to Apply

The best way to learn about what’s happening at Summit is to witness it for yourself. Private tours give you a glimpse into our community and methodology. We may also invite students to join us for a half day of school prior to enrolling.

Once your family and Summit’s staff has determined and agreed that this is the place where your child(ren) can flourish and grow, complete a formal application to secure a place in one of our classrooms. We maintain small class sizes, so don’t delay. If a classroom is currently full, we’ll add you to a waiting list and reach out if we have an opening. UPDATE as of 10/31/22: Summit has limited availability in grades 1-4. Other classes have waitlists. 

Summit Schools does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin in the administration of our admission policies and financial aid programs.

  • STEP 1: Contact us with questions

  • STEP 2: Schedule a visit.

  • STEP 3: Review and complete 2022-2023 Prospective Family forms.

  • STEP 4: Arrange a Student Visit.

  • STEP 5: Submit Enrollment Contract and Fee.


Summit Financial Aid2022-02-14T12:37:21-06:00

Summit offers financial aid from two pools: income-based and special case-based. Financial Aid applications are considered in each pool. 

Income-Based Financial Aid:

Summit, together with Scattergood Friends School, is part of the Independent School Association of Eastern Iowa School Tuition Organization, Inc. (EISTO). Our STO enables us to provide funding to eligible families whose income during the previous calendar year (determined by most recently completed tax information) does not exceed an amount equal to four times the most recently published federal poverty guidelines so that their children can attend Summit. This can vary each year. 

2022 STO qualifying calculations are as follows:

Number in household           Fed. Poverty Level                     400% poverty level

2 in household $18,310 $73,240
3 $23,030 $92,120
4 $27,750 $111,000
5 $32,470 $129,880
6 $37,190 $148,760
7 $41,910 $167,640
8 $46,630 $186,520


The EISTO is a 501(c)3 organization formed to help qualifying families who seek a private education for their children that otherwise may be financially out of reach. As such, STOs are charitable organizations created to receive cash contributions from individual Iowa tax payers, and then allocate those funds to eligible families who attend accredited non-public schools represented by the STO. The amount of funds an STO is allowed to raise each year is based on the certified enrollments of each school in the STO and determined by the state of Iowa.

Special Case-Based Financial Aid:

Summit recognizes that from time to time, families may experience financial hardships. We try to raise funds specifically for these times. It is never guaranteed that these funds will be available from year to year.

Tuition was lowered significantly in 2020 in an effort to try to match what the market could bear for tuitions. As a financial aid committee, it is our goal to offer a financial aid award that adjusts tuition within 10% of the family’s AGI.

Click here for Summit’s Financial Aid Application. (Financial aid may still be available for qualified families. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. We encourage you to apply early, although we do reserve some funding for late admits.)

Where do Summit students go after 8th grade?2020-02-04T16:58:19-06:00

Upon completion of 8th grade, Summit students have integrated well into both public and private schools. Summit students adapt well in larger environments as they have already experienced what a community of learners looks like and have developed leadership skills as well as a sense of urgency.

Who attends Summit Schools?2020-02-04T16:50:03-06:00

Summit is an educational environment with rich diversity. We have a history of families from countries outside the US who attend Summit, including families speaking languages other than English in the home. Currently, our students travel from 8 different school districts to attend Summit each day and come to us with all types of gifts and talents. At Summit we value all types of learners and work closely with each student as an individual.


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