Summit Schools hosts “Moving Toward OUR History: The Importance of an Inclusive Curriculum” virtual panel discussion on Wednesday, March 3 at 6:30 on the school’s Facebook Live and YouTube pages. Joining Summit for this free, interactive, live discussion is LaNisha Cassell and Sean Donaldson, both from the African American Museum of Iowa; Dr. Ashley Howard, assistant professor at the University of Iowa; and Caleb “The Negro Artist” Rainey.

“I believe that it is our responsibility as educators to teach the true American history – in age appropriate ways – from the very beginning of a child’s educational experience,” says Paul Pressler, Summit’s Principal/Head of Schools. “If we do not, we rob our children of the truth. We leave them in a world which is impossible to understand and we prohibit their ability to not repeat the past. When we fail to teach the real history – a history which we all own, and which is collectively ours – we ignore the injustice around us, we limit the ability for compassion of others, and we minimize the impact that others have had in shaping this country. This is a timely discussion as the state of Iowa tries to limit how history is taught in public schools. We need to teach and appreciate all history more than one month a year.”

“Moving Toward OUR History” is part of the Summit Series promoting dialogue and learning opportunities with the school and the public that have included “Strategies for Young Readers” with Summit educators, and “Untying the Knot: The Importance of Cultural Inclusion in the Classroom” with authors Sandra Cisneros and Randy Ribay.

This event is open to all ages but will feature mature themes and subject matters. Summit strongly encourages parental involvement and participation in this virtual event that will cover race relations and historical events using language that may not be common place in our own homes. Parental discretion is advised. This event will also be recorded and can be viewed later.