Dear Summit staff and families,

Summit Schools is a proud supporter and grateful recipient of the many services of our local Area Education Agency, the Grant Wood AEA. The AEA offers many educational services that Summit staff, teachers, and students rely on daily. Summit would not be able to afford to offer those services at all or it would greatly impact our tight budget to find these services ourselves if the AEA services were dismantled. This issue was addressed by the Governor of Iowa, who presented her educational priorities in her Condition of the State address including limiting the AEA to only special education services while other services would fall on individual schools or districts to provide those services on their own or hire professionals to provide them. 

Summit wants our community to be aware of some of the many services that the AEA provides to our school:

  • Speech Language Services

  • Individual Education Program (IEP) support 

  • Science VOSS Kits for science curriculum

  • Information Technology (IT) services (all computer support/purchasing, network, etc.) 

  • Cybersecurity support

  • Delivery of media services/materials that enhance hands-on classroom instruction

  • School Improvement Consultant services

  • Crisis Emergency Support

  • Annual required staff trainings 

  • Collaboration with a Literacy, Math, and Science consultant

  • Instructional support, including leading a yearlong math book study with Summit staff

  • Coaching/mentoring teachers on how to best support students based on data

  • Infinite Campus support

  • Statewide Principal, Superintendent, and Curriculum Director Alliance

  • Professional development courses offered for our teachers and staff

If you or your family have benefitted from the services of the AEA and are interested in supporting them now, we invite you to contact the governor’s office and your local representatives. We encourage all Summit families and staff to let their legislators know how much our educational experience is enhanced by our AEA, and how legislation reducing AEAs could put smaller schools like Summit and other school districts at a disadvantage.

Thank you for your support of Summit and the services we provide with the help of our AEA. 

*The visual shows the AEA services that would no longer be available (in red highlight).